Woman needing a release

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As well as the health battle, the social impact of the coronavirus is ificant and it is women who are being disproportionately affected. Crisis exacerbates gender inequality. All crisis response must be gender-responsive. COVID19 pic. Globally, women make up 70 per cent of workers in the health and social sector, and they do three times as much unpaid care work at home as men.

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Most of them are also parents and care givers to family members. They continue to carry the burden of care, which is already disproportionally high in normal times.

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Because they are not well targeted for bail outs they are financially on their own. This is not simply a health issue for many women; it goes to the heart of gender equality. Recent experience of other disease outbreaks, such as the Ebola and Zika, have shown that such outbreaks divert resources away from services that women need, even as their burden of care increases and their paid livelihoods suffer losses. In addition, the specific needs of women health workers are often overlooked. When households are placed under strain and in contexts of family violence, as strategies for self-isolation and quarantine are employed, the risk of such violence tend to increase.

Reports from some impacted communities are showing that COVID is driving similar trends right now. The evidence is also mounting that the economic impacts of COVID will hit women harder, as more women work in low-paying, insecure and informal jobs. In China, for instance, UN Women is focusing on economic recovery solutions to support small and medium businesses owned by women, to mitigate the negative economic impact of the outbreak.

Globally women continue to be paid 16 per cent less than men on average, and Woman needing a release pay gap rises to 35 per cent in some countries.

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In times of crisis like this, women often face the unfair and sometimes impossible choice of giving up paid work to care for children at home. Through awareness raising, community outreach and training, the programmes utilized local women speaking to other women via different media, including radio and text messaging. This helped to ensure that life-saving information shared was relatable and delivered by a trustworthy source.

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Woman needing a release

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