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In accordance with our Cookie Policywe use cookies on our Websites and Apps. We have also updated our Privacy Policy. Daily Activity Cycle Polar bears are most active the first third of the day and least active the final third of the day. When not hunting, polar bears are often sleeping or resting. On warm days polar bears sprawl out on the ground or ice, sometimes on their backs with their feet in the air.

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They may also make temporary snow or earthen pits to lie in On cold days polar bears curl up and often cover their muzzle area. During the winter, some polar bears excavate temporary dens or find natural shelters to stay warm. They may use these shelters for several months at a time. Like other bears, they can also stand on their hind feet and walk upright for short distances.

Polar bears generally walk with a steady, lumbering gait. The front paws swing outward with each step, landing slightly pigeon-toed. The head swings gently from side to side.

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The walk has a four-beat pattern - first the right front foot touches the ground, then the left hind foot, then the left front foot, and lastly, the right hind foot. Their bulky build and swinging gait cause polar bears to use more than twice as much energy to move at a given speed than most other mammals.

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The average walking speed of a polar bear is 5. When being chased or charging prey, polar bears can run as fast as 40 kph 25 mph for short distances.

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Social Structure Polar bears are basically solitary. Usually, only two social units exist: Adult females with cubs Breeding pairs Polar bear aggregations: Polar bears may aggregate to feed on large whale carcasses and at dump sites. In some southern regions, like Hudson Bay, bears aggregate on land during the ice-free summer and autumn months, especially when they are staging along the coast waiting for the ice to return.

On occasion, adult and subadult ages 30 months to five or six years polar bear males will feed and travel together for short periods of time.

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Wanted easy going woman must like bears

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