Seeking the passion

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Not every job affords the possibility of doing what you love. And people care deeply about many different things—not all of which will be how they want to earn a living.

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A growing body of research suggests that pursuing your passion does indeed improve well-being, but that where you do it is far less critical. In fact, several studies show that people who find joy in non-professional activities see benefits in both their careers and personal lives. At least in the United States, this advice follows people from school and into their careers.

This is perhaps why a recent study found that young people rank achieving their career passion as their highest priority — above making money or getting married. Seeking the passion a fulfilling job was deemed nearly three times more important than having a family by the teenage respondents.

Not every job affords the possibility of pursuing a passion. And most people care deeply about many different things — not all of which will be how they want to earn a living. A growing body of research suggests that pursuing your passion does indeed improve your well-being but that where you do it is far less critical.

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In fact, several studies show that doing something you are passionate about outside of work rather than in it benefits both your career and your personal life. In some regards, following and finding passion at work could be seen as a luxury for Seeking the passion privileged few — those who can afford to choose exactly the right professions.

Tying work to what you are passionate about can also be harmful over the long-term. When you stake your whole self-worth on your job, you become less resilient to adverse events, such as layoffs or negative performance reviews. It can also make it harder to switch off after working hours and get the respite necessary to regain energy for the next day.

Plus, it deprives us of the many benefits that come with engaging in outside activities and hobbies — for example, stress reductionhigher energyand increased levels of creativityall of which may boost work engagement and retention. One recent study even showed that people accrued greater benefits when their personal passions and their actual work were very different. In other countries, particularly European ones, people more commonly find fulfillment outside of work. For example, nearly half of Germans are members of at least one after-work clubwhich allows them to engage in favorite activities such as sports or gardening in their personal time.

In the U. Why is this? One possibility is that being busy at work has become a status symbol in the U. American workers seem to be competing over who can put in the most hourswhich may explain why they spend more Seeking the passion at work than most Europeans. Another reason for our current state of overwork is financial insecurity. One in three middle-class families struggle to make ends meetwhich le to a greater focus on work. We call on employees to rethink the pursuit of passion, remembering that they can do it at work or outside of it. We also advise managers to help their employees in this endeavor.

You can also craft your job to allow for more time for non-work passions. For instance, if you have some level of autonomy over your hours, you could start your day early to make more time in the evening for cultivating other interests.

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These extracurricular activities can be a way to develop new skills, meet new people and communities, or decompress. How do you find the right ones for you? First, ask yourself what you care about and then evaluate whether you find or do it at work. Outside of work, you have the freedom to try new things out, so experiment. Another way to pursue non-work passions is through volunteering. Many companies already encourage their employees to do this. For example, Mars Inc. This practice, more broadly, has been shown to create stronger connections between community membersfoster collective pride in participantsand benefit organizations by keeping employees Seeking the passion and committed.

You can look at whether your company has corporate volunteering groups or what outside opportunities are available in your area. Managers play a crucial role in helping employees achieve all of this. So leaders must step in to encourage and support workers — by scheduling more predictable time off i. Pursuing your passion offers a host of benefits, but only a privileged few can do this on the job. More of us should instead look for personal activities that are tied to what we care about. When we do, we will lead full lives and also bring our best selves to work.

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He particularly focuses on how those at the bottom of the income distribution can be supported to attain more favorable long-term outcomes. He received a Ph. Joyce He is a Ph. Her research focuses on how people form often inaccurate impressions of others, and how these impressions then impact important organization outcomes.

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She explores these interests through both the lens of gender, and emotions. He is also a Research Assistant to prof. Jon Jachimowicz. He is passionate about contributing to private and public organizations by applying behavioral science in Latin America that have the potential to improve performance. Partner Center.

Seeking the passion

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The Unexpected Benefits of Pursuing a Passion Outside of Work