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Traditionally, to be a classy woman means to be stylish, superior, admirably smart, elegant and respectable. However, I find the traditional definition and ideas on what it means to be classy can cause us to focus a little too much on the external and superficial ways to be classy. What determines how classy you are is who you are. You see, money, status and having rich friends can always be taken from you. But who you become can never be taken away from you. Any rich woman or man can have their riches wiped out from underneath them, and they could find themselves swimming in the deep end like some poorer people.

Would they suddenly not be classy if this happened to them? The answer to Seeking classy traditional women question depends on who they are. Not so much the circumstance they may find themselves in. So I am here to re-define classy in a better way. She holds herself well and respects herself regardless of life circumstances, and despite what other people may think of her. I would also say that a classy woman does not judge herself regardless of what mistakes she might make.

So the truth is — there are two aspects of being classy — there is the internal aspect and the external aspect. The internal aspect is the harder one to master because it takes bravery and it requires you to trust in the process.

So, to be classy from the inside-out is about your freedom to not judge yourself; it is about you opening in love and loving where you are at — and loving where others are at, regardless of how judge-worthy they might be or you might be. A classy woman also knows that aiming for perfection is pointless because there is so much perfection in imperfection. Also, because of these attributes, a classy woman can handle all social situations and conversation with confidence. Part A: The internal: what you believe and feel about who you are; and Part B: Posture: holding your physical body as a classy woman would.

Hold yourself like you matter; because you do. To be classy from the inside out, you need to know and believe with your soul that you are already enough. Breathe and breathe some more; and know that nothing is bigger than you; even if it feels bigger than you. Classy women show that they are classy through who they are and what they do, not what they say about who they are and what they do.

Appreciate Seeking classy traditional women you are as a woman — all of you. If you have poor posture, that will make you go unnoticed to the right people and slip under the radar of other classy, high value people, because it will say a lot about your physical and mental health without you even realising it. Especially the likes of Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle. Did they ever present with poor posture? For now, what you can do is check out an article along with some older videos where myself and my husband D. Shen who is a qualified physiotherapist walk you through 3 exercises to instant good posture.

Marketing yourself — is all about holding yourself highly, and acting as such.

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Walk like you are a part of this world; and walk like you belong here. You are grounded in the earth…imagine yourself standing in the grass, and imagine your legs are the heavy roots of a big, beautiful tree… you are rooted to this earth, you belong, and you matter. Once you believe you matter, you start to walk like you matter, like you have value to offer, and you start to believe that you have value.

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When you have value, you start to be willing to take the risk of giving out value to others to those who deserve it, of course. This is going back to the internal aspect briefly very much about the internal aspect of being a classy woman.

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A classy woman is a woman with a high sense of self-worth and who also projects herself that way. And high self-worth only comes from knowing you are worthy. However — you can only truly know, and feel, with certainty that you are worthy when you face enough and give enough to yourself and others that you have little choice but to give yourself utmost respect. Some people like to call it emotional fitness: a woman who can hold her own yet give her heart in the face of grave fears.

Emotional resourcefulness is your ability or your desire to breathe through, and handle anything that faces you with love and vulnerability. With love and vulnerability will come strength. So — develop rituals: whether that be a daily practice of gratitude, A daily resolve to push a little further on your spiritual path with your spouse or your children, a daily practice of viewing life as a playground rather than a battleground and looking for the evidence to support that belief or even a daily ritual of giving understanding and love rather than judgments.

I mean after all, perhaps there are some people in your life whom you feel are not worthy of your understanding or love. You always want to try to lead with understanding and love first. In fact, you attract your reciprocal. In other words, you attract the same kind of Seeking classy traditional women as you — because they are willing to tolerate and resonate with your own sense of entitlement. Rituals are a way to make you actually earn confidence and self esteem and in turn, feel great about yourself.

If you were dropped in the middle of a daunting social situation, say, the red carpet tomorrow in among the most respected, poised and famous leaders, philanthropists, business men and women — would you be comfortable, and looking forward to the event? When you develop daily rituals that support a high sense of self worth, you start to appreciate how you can actually be of value to others.

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You start to give value. A high quality, highly esteemed classy woman is a woman of value and a woman of value is one who values the happiness of others, and who is considerate. People will rarely perceive you as high class unless you have real value to offer and add to their lives.

Usually, this kind of woman is lacking self esteem and feels so inificant in this world, that she becomes obsessively ificance-driven and she is habitually unable to listen, to care for or to help others. Here is what a high quality woman is NOT : She is not someone who is constantly sucking value from others. So our instinct is to blame….

It is much better for you to admit that you feel like you failed, than it is to blame others…why? Because admitting that you have the feeling of failure is vulnerability — it is you reducing the resistance you have to life and to emotions altogether.

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It is soft and it is real. Of course, sometimes we all slip up. Sometimes we are exhausted and hangry. Sometimes we are overwhelmed and trying to process trauma. But I use the guilt after such incidents as a guide: the guilt, rather than letting it cripple me, I let it be a reminder to do better next time. What is the difference? The difference is that when we blame someone, we are acting out of fear and our intention is to retaliate. I am not saying that we should all be perfect and never find a reason to blame someone; because we all have moments where we just have to criticise, and we all have moments where we have stooped low.

But this is where having rituals that support a high self esteem will help: when you have real esteem for yourself; when you consistently make yourself do difficult things, when you consistently make time to appreciate and Seeking classy traditional women grateful and when you make time to truly connect with yourself and others, you start to get closer to the truth of humanity: that we are all one. Sit down, speak out loud about what hurts you, what is making you sad, and what is making you angry. The least classy ladies in the world are often the ones who are most fearful of admitting that they feel like they are not enough.

This is because they will do almost anything to push everyone away due to their fears of not being enough coming to surface. So, if deep down you have painful emotions that are too difficult to handle, allow yourself to feel like you are not enough right now, or that you feel uncared for and unloved. Let love flow through you. Let love flow through your hands, your words, your body, and your actions.

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Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. But to be classy, it also helps to remember that our energy is felt by others, and it affects others. When we put out love, we tend to get love back. When we put out stress or hate, we get much worse back.

But the practice of being classy is really the practice of accepting each moment, rather than always fighting hard against what is. And the more we become love, the more classy we feel like to everyone around us. Try to be authentic. You can be grieving, or experiencing emotional suffering, and still be classy. All you have to do is acknowledge the pain, Seeking classy traditional women share your feelings with friends, family and your lover, but still hold yourself with grace and poise.

This identity problem consumes a lot of people. More than ever now, people are starting to want what is real. Secretly, deep down behind the masks that many of us put up I think we all prefer to be around what is real.

Now, I feel like things are becoming more transparent. We can hide less. Caring takes extra energy; people who care are generally very passionate people. Not impulsive, but passionate.

Seeking classy traditional women

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