Poly student looking around

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If you encounter any difficulty in using our site, please us for assistance with any accessibility issues at web-comms calpoly. Eagon explained that a protein is like a door, and an antiviral medicine can act like a key that breaks off in the lock, keeping the door from functioning.

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Student McClane Howland works on his computer at home. Howland, a computer science student with interests in medical research who had ly assisted Eagon with malaria research, rose to the challenge. Howland and Eagon knew that trying to run millions of potential matches on one normal computer could take years.

So Howland wrote a computer program that could run thousands of codes simultaneously, distributing the work across about 30 powerful computers in the Massively Parallel Accelerated Computing MPAC laboratory.

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Howland, who ran the program remotely, finished the testing in about three weeks. It was tricky.

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Howland and Eagon sorted for molecules that could possibly work in an oral treatment for COVID, like a pill, which would be more readily available to people around the world. They also looked for molecules that were commercially available, so they could be purchased and screened in a timely manner.

The pair identified the top 28 best potential matches and began ordering them from companies around the world.

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As of mid-May, they have received, screened and catalogued those compounds and are preparing to ship them to Germany for testing against the virus.

Poly student looking around

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