Oral sex vomit. life solution

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You just had mind-blowing sex with a regulation hottie. You saw, you conquered, you came twice. You roll over and feel A little sweaty? Double check. Yeah, that too.

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But wait, Oral sex vomit. life solution It's uncommon, but feeling sick to your stomach after sex isn't totally unheard of, says Erin Carey, MD, an assistant professor and the director of University of North Carolina's Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery division. The biggest downside other than, you know, feeling queasy, is trying to figure out what the heck's causing it. One of the most common reasons you might feel sick after sex is because of penetration that went way beyond your comfort limits, according to Dr. What to do : This reaction tends to go away pretty quickly, according to Dr.

Carey, but she always recommends lying down, putting your feet up, and taking deep breaths to relieve those symptoms. Carey suggests having sex while laying on your side and making sure your partner understands that the days of going in deep might be over.

Carey, so if you and your partner are going at it— moving back and forth, up and down, and side-to-side without a break, queasiness is a total possibility. What to do : Slow things down and monitor how you feel after. Adjusting your speed but not your enthusiasm might just be the answer. Orgasms can, however, be the reason for your discomfort. Since "the uterus contracts [during] orgasms," Dr. Carey says, that can create a visceral response that leaves you feeling sick. What to do : "I recommend these patients take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen, before they have intercourse and orgasms to block that response," she says.

After to milligrams of that, the uterine contraction will seem a lot less powerful, allowing you to feel the way you deserve to feel after sex: pleasured. If none of these possibilities are holding true for you, your nausea might be a that something more serious is going on. And this might cause a disruption in your pelvic organs the same way deep penetration can that in nausea, in addition to a host of other symptoms.

What to do: Lots of women struggle to get an endometriosis diagnosis, so if you experience any of these other endometriosis symptomsplease see your doc ASAP. Carey says the mind-body connection totally makes it possible for you to feel nauseated during and after getting intimate with your partner. What to do : Address your relationship reservations with your partner if you feel comfortable and safe doing so. If you typically have sex after you drink alcohol or smoke weed, well, these are two substances that are known to make people feel nauseated.

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You might feel nauseous due to a combination of these substances and one of the other possible causes listed above, or the drugs and alcohol on their own, explains Dr. What to do: If this doesn't happen every single time you have oral sex, then the problem might be a matter of diet. Talk to your partner about your allergies, and how his diet could be affecting you.

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While it might take some adjusting here, and a little discussion with your partner there, discovering the source of your nausea after sex by ruling out some of these possibilities will have you feeling sexually satisfied in almost no time. Weight Loss.

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Oral sex vomit. life solution

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9 Reasons You Feel Nausea After Sex