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When I was 24 I relocated from Kentucky to Florida. Seriously, no family, no friends, no coworkers or classmates… it was just me and my dog, Bailey. Women are meant to bond. Women are to meant to lift each other up. Women are meant to be connected. I absolutely cherish female friendships and I truly believe they are needed. Will there be women who want to tear you down and throw shade? Most women will be excited if you reach out to them personally. Would you like to check it out with me? Why not hit them up and share something personal.

My best friend of 21 years became my bestie because she called me in 6th grade to let me know I left my crayon box in her bookbag and just to chat. When someone invites you to do something, say yes even if it makes you a little nervous! When I moved to Florida, I told myself that I would try one new thing a month. I went parasailing, I raced on racetracks, I danced on tabletops in clubs sorry, mom!

I allowed myself to experience new things and guess what? I met new people. your local gym or studio and take group classes. Meet-up and actually go Need woman friends meetup events. -up for girlfriend social. Become a part of Yelp Elite if your Need woman friends has one. Attend events around the area. local facebook groups. Basically put yourself in the position to actually meet new people with shared interest. Ask yourself what you would want in a female friend and become that. Actually, be open to meeting new people and be enjoyable to be around no one likes negative-Nancy or bragging-Betty.

Eliminate the beneficial aspects of friendship. Be thorough and encouraging yet set appropriate boundaries. People often search for commonalities when seeking new friendships. We should Accept people the way they are despite differences. I value the uniqueness within my friendships. None of us are alike which is the beauty of having all of them as friends. Also, every meet up does not have to be out spending money.

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Chilling at each others house is also spending quality time with each other. My girlfrannnn, Heather Fletcher aka heatherfitfoodie. Be honest and let your guard down. Know yourself and what kind of friends you want to make. Female friendships have to be intentional and purposeful in order to thrive.

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When you know yourself strengths, flaws, shortcomings, areas of expertise then you can find friends that compliment you, challenge you, and add value to your life. When it comes to making female friends you have to find places where like-minded women hang out, then show up, be ope and approachable. Then be less interesting and more interested. What I mean is often people show up to impress others instead of getting to know the people in the room. People or naturally drawn to people like them which fosters organic connections.

Be supportive, non judgmental and Need woman friends yourself in a position to be of service to those you aspire to be like. My girlfrannnn, Rosalyn aka poshandpoor. If your friend makes you made or does something that annoys you to the point where you no longer want to be her friend, please let her know especially if you know she has a good heart.

If your friend is always 2 hours late to events, tell her. Let her know that it bothers you to the point where you no longer want to hang out with her. Need woman friends her an opportunity to change because believe me, people actually can change. I have voiced with my friends that if they are upset with me to please let me know. No one is. Communication saves friendships. Communication keeps friendships. Being a friend!

Giving to others benefits our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. And, when we give to our friends — be it our time, attention, love, care — we almost instantaneously boost our energy levels. We feel happier and healthier than before and it evokes a greater sense of gratitude for the people in our lives.

Photos by Karis Joy Photography. Yup can definitely agree with all you said. I moved to a new town 5 years ago and struggled to make friends to begin with, except with my female coworkers!

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Thankfully I used social media to make friends and now have a new group to hang out with! Contents show. My tips to meeting new female friends as a grown-ass woman Reach out. groups and organizations you enjoy. I asked the women from my girl-gang to give their advice when it comes to making friends as an adult…. I need a woman friend who is reliable and ready to assist an older woman Reply.

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Need woman friends

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