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By Bill Copeland on February 7, Custard Pie were not perfect last night. Their energy and their way of keeping things interesting that made them the stars of the night. The rhythm section built up, in each song, a big, bad-ass foundation for the guitars and vocals to blast off from. This slow boil song allowed a glimpse into how well this tribute band works together. Each member built a corner stone of this freewheeling sound. Hathaway got fiery, frenetic half way through, unleashing a manic solo with notes flying around with hurricane force. Cover band Archive followed with their polished but less intense version of J.

Both bands featured the same lead singer, Steve DeMello, as his Archives appearance was a reunion gig. Aside from J. Posted in Live Reviews 6 Responses. I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for the great review! I cant help but insert my 2 cents here! Custard Pie was very good! But I would not go as far as to say they Stole the show! I think this review is OFF by just a wee bit to be honest! The first band Zink Alloy is in my eyes is a brilliant co…ver band! They pulled stuff out that you just dont hear from the avg.

Great job Zink Alloy!!

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The owner of that club should have you as a headline band for sure. Custard Pie one of the best Zepp tribute bands I ever heard. Hands down. But the highlight of the night from where I was standing was no doubt the reunion of Archives. And those guys gave the crowd what they came for.

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The crowd went wild after every tune at least thats what I saw from where I was standing! They were magnificent to say the least for a group of guys who have not played together in 14 years i think they said. And hey!

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They still had the place packed full at 1AM! So much for being boring! A very bias review if you ask me. Couldnt help it but the other 2 bands delivered and it looked to me to be Archives crowd! I have to agree with Sal. The reunion gig of Archives had to be the highlight of the night. Many of their fans from 20 years ago made it out for the show and were not disappointed — they danced, sand at the top of their lungs and a few even jumped up on stage! Much of the crowd arrived early and stayed until last call watching and enjoying all three veteran bands performances.

Having been there for all 3 bands I have to say, while Custard Pie was good, Zinc Alloy and Archives rocked the house! If the music critic had taken the time to stick around for the entire show, he would have seen great talent and heard some truly awesome renditions of classic rock n roll.

From my point of view, I found Custard Pie much more interesting than the two cover bands. Everything in No Quarter had to be right to get that special vibe. Archives, like most reunion gigs, came across as rushed and one-off ish. Home Events Contact. Bill Copeland Music News. Custard Pie, a Led Zeppelin tribute band, came on before and after local Rhode Island cover bands Zinc Alloy and Archive, and they proved to be the most entertaining of the three. Hi Bill, I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for the great review! Mark Moretti. Sal Croce February 8, at am Permalink.

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Need a bad ass Cranston Rhode Island for man stuff

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