Man 4 woman up Arlington on benning

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The information you provide us shall be used to respond and assist you with information you have requested from OAC. Lee "Buddy" ArcherU. Army inhe wanted to become an aviator, but was initially rejected from pilot training on of his race.

A year later, however, he received acceptance to a new training program for Black pilots at the Tuskegee Army Airfield in Alabama. Graduating first in his class, he became one of the Tuskegee Airmenased to the nd Fighter Squadron of the nd Fighter Group. His most famed aerial combat mission occurred on October 12,when he shot down three German planes in ten minutes. Archer transitioned to the Air Force after its creation as a separate service branch inretiring in as a lieutenant colonel.

Section 6, Grave RH. Alexander T. AugustaU. Army — Augusta was the U. A graduate of Canada's Trinity Medical College, he was commissioned as a major during the Civil War, serving as regimental surgeon of the 7th Infantry of the U. Colored Troops. Promoted to brevet lieutenant colonel inAugusta became the highest-ranking African American officer of the Civil War. He went on to become one of the founding faculty members of the nearly all-white Howard University Medical Department.

Section 1, Grave C. Cornelius H. CharltonU. Army — Charlton ed the U. Army after graduating from high school inand served in the Korean War as a member of the 24th Regiment — the last all-Black combat unit in the Army. He received the Medal of Honor for heroism in action on June 2, After his commanding officer was wounded and evacuated, Sgt. Charlton took command of his platoon and led his men, under heavy fire, to take a strategic position on a hill near Chipo-ri.

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Despite a severe chest wound, Charlton charged an enemy encampment alone, destroying it before dying of his wounds. Section 40, Grave Because enslaved people were legally considered property, "contraband" was the U. Their hetones are marked "Citizen" or "Civilian. Benjamin O. Davis Sr. Army — The first African American general in the U. Davis volunteered in the Spanish-American War and then enlisted as a private in the U.

Army's 9th Cavalry Regiment. He served in the Philippines during the Philippine-American War inand then as a military attache in Liberia — postings which ensured that Davis would not command white troops.

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He also taught military science at Wilberforce University and Tuskegee Institute, both historically Black universities. Meanwhile, Davis rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant colonel in and a colonel inand President Franklin D. Roosevelt promoted him to brigadier general in Davis advised the U. Section 2, Grave EB. Davis Jr. Air Force — The son of Brig. Air Force. Army Air Corps. During World War II, he commanded the 99th Pursuit Squadron — the first all-Black American air unit, which flew tactical support missions in the Mediterranean theater — and the nd Fighter Group, more famously known as the Tuskegee Airmen.

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After President Harry S. Truman desegregated the armed forces by executive order in JulyDavis helped draft a plan to implement the order. Davis commanded a fighter wing in the Korean War and was promoted to brigadier general in Advanced to four-star rank inGen.

Section 2, Grave ERH. American Indians, whom these soldiers battled from the s through s, likely gave them the nickname "Buffalo Soldiers" either because their dark curly hair resembled a buffalo's mane, or because the soldiers fought as fiercely as Great Plains buffalo.

The soldiers embraced their nickname and, during World War I, the 92nd Infantry adopted the buffalo as the symbol for its shoulder patch. During nearly 30 years of service on the American frontier, the Buffalo Soldiers participated in nearly engagements, and 14 of them were awarded the Medal of Honor. Inthree years after desegregation of the armed forces, the Army disbanded the last of the original Buffalo Soldier regiments. Several of these service members are buried at Arlington, including Cpl. George H. Wanton Section 4, Grave and Col.

Charles Young Section 3, Grave B. A memorial plaque in Section 35, a few feet away from the Rough Riders Monumenthonors the service of all Buffalo Soldiers.

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James Reese EuropeU. By his twenties, Europe had become an acclaimed musician, performing at Carnegie Hall with the Clef Club, the all-Black orchestra he founded in Known as the Hell Fighters Band, the ensemble performed across continental Europe to great enthusiasm and praise. Europe credited the band's success to the fact that the musicians played only their own, original music — Black music.

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Tragically, Reese lost his life during a dispute with another band member in Section 2, Grave Medgar EversU. Army — Born in Decatur, Mississippi, Sgt. Medgar Evers served in the U. His experiences of racial discrimination, both in and out of uniform, motivated him to become a civil rights activist.

As Mississippi field secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACPEvers recruited hundreds of members, organized voter registration drives and economic boycotts, and investigated racially based crimes, including the lynching and murder of Emmett Man 4 woman up Arlington on benning. In response, white supremacists repeatedly threatened his life. The murder made national headlines, and thousands of mourners attended Evers' full military honors funeral at Arlington.

The following year, President Lyndon B. Johnson ed the Civil Rights Act of — one victory in the struggle for which Evers sacrificed his life. Section 36, Grave Samuel Lee Gravely Jr. Navy — The first African American to rise to the rank of vice admiral, the first to command a warship and the first to command a U. During the Vietnam War, when he took command of the destroyer escort USS Falgout, he became the first African American officer to command a combat ship.

Section 66, Grave Marcelite Jordan HarrisU. Air Force — Maj. Marcelite Jordan Harris retired in as the highest-ranking female officer in the U. A graduate of Spelman Academy, she was commissioned as an officer inrising through the ranks to become, inthe first African American female brigadier general in the Air Force. Many of her asments represented "firsts" for women in the Air Force.

Her medals included the Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit. Section 30, Grave RH. Milton HollandU. Army — Born into slavery, Milton Holland enlisted in the 5th United States Colored Infantry regiment inrising to the rank of sergeant major. During the Battle of New Market Heights and Chaffin's Farm on September 29,Holland assumed command of the regiment after all of its white commanding officers were killed or wounded. He gallantly led his men as they routed the attacking Confederate Army and regained control of strategic territory near Richmond, Virginia. Holland received a Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle.

He later founded the first Black-owned insurance company in Washington, D. Section 23, Grave Matthew A. Henson — With Robert E. Born to sharecropper parents in Maryland, he was orphaned at a young age and spent six years at sea as a cabin boy.

While working as a shop clerk in Washington, D. Originally buried at New York's Woodlawn Cemetery, in he was reinterred at Arlington next to Peary, in a long-overdue honor. Section 8, Grave S Daniel "Chappie" James Jr. He flew combat missions in Korea and 78 combat missions in Vietnam — including a flight in "Operation Bolo" on January 2,which destroyed seven Communist MiGs, the highest total kill of any mission during the Vietnam War.

At age 58, he died from a heart attack, just three weeks after his retirement from the Air Force. Henry JohnsonU. Henry Johnson served in France with the U. On the night of May 14,Johnson and Pvt. Needham Roberts were on sentry duty when a squad of Germans began firing at them. Both were severely wounded, and Johnson continued fighting even after taking bullets in the arm, head and side, and suffering 21 wounds in hand-to-hand combat.

Section 25, Grave

Man 4 woman up Arlington on benning

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