Looking for other female friends

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Many women today are looking to make a few new friends. It's Looking for other female friends difficult to find new friends when you move, start having kids, or even after you have an empty nest. Some women feel that meeting new friends after the age of 40 is difficult. Every women's experience is different, but one thing is certain: Meeting friends naturally while you make your way running errands or going to work isn't always possible, so having a site where you can log in and meet friends is helpful. I tried Girlfriend Social and found it easy to use and navigate. Your selection of new friends will be different depending on where you live you'll have more people available in larger cities your age, and what you're looking for.

If you're looking for a friend that shares the same hobbies, for instance, you'll probably have to wait longer than if you were just looking for someone to meet and have dinner with. The women I met on the site were all busy with full lives and careers. They said they ed because meeting new friends had become tough and they just wanted to find like-minded women to do things with, like going to restaurants or plays or just meeting for coffee occasionally. I found the site easy to navigate although cosmetically it is not the most professional looking if I compare it to similar sites. Girlfriend Social is a free site that allows women to post short profiles and search for friends.

The site asks basic questions such as hobbies, age, relationship statusand also allows you to list a short paragraph about your personality and interests. You can search for friends, send messages, or chat in a forum.

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When you find a friend you'd like to meet, you simply chat with them through the confidential online message system and set something up yourself. There are no organized meetings or get-togethers run by the site, however. Always remember to be safe when meeting a new friend online. Coffee dates are good for this purpose. Keep using the double blind system built into the site before you meet someone and get to know them.

The site is run similar to a MySpace. When you up you automatically get Girlfriend Social's administrator as your friend. Then, you search for other friends and add them to your list. You can see how many times your profile has been viewed, and people can reply to the status updates you provide. You can earn badges for your profile for things like s of friends you have, pictures you post, and how many times you log in. There is also a "get verified" button, in which users who have met you in real life can vouch for the fact that you are a real person, and a woman.

Men are not allowed on the site and it is only for women looking for platonic friendship, not romantic relationships.

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Looking for other female friends

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