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So some of the books below have them, some do not, but I love them all. Play it safe or risk my badly burned heart again? You would too, trust me. Love is obligation. I want. Yeah I DEF have no intention of falling in love. But love may have other intentions for me. Cup of Tea by M. The initial attraction between the two becomes slightly more awkward when Allan finds some… very interesting subject matter, as the author puts it, within the collection.

Revelry by K. Good at making drinks and having holiday spirit, good at talking to customers, good at making people smile. And once Stephen opens up and starts talking to him, Brian just might be in love with historical trivia, knowledge and passion, and those soft brown eyes. Geeky, Freaky, Clueless by G. When two theater nerds fall in love… one of them has to figure out if the other is a serial killer? Vin Penjarla kissed Phineas Harrington at a bar before she knew he was her theater director.

She may not know anything about dating due to her traditional Indian-American parents, but she does know that snogging the boss is generally a no. All Phin knows is that he thinks Vin is lovely and wonderful in her eccentricities, and staying away from her is going to be a challenge. He also knows a lot about death, for some reason…?

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Spooky without being scary, with a genuine affection between the two le, and a lot of adorkable fun. If I could have held my hand over my heart while reading this without annoying my elbow, I would have done it. I loved it that much. This second book is a HUGE Looking for a nerdy romance up by comparison. Drey and Lucas are both capable of kindness and abrasiveness by turns and struggle to connect honestly with each other, so the halting progress of their connection and eventual relationship feels very genuine.

Eleanor was looking for her Mr. She got a rugby player. Who she is just clicks for him on such a deep level, even if he has to do some catch-up learning on how her mind and heart work in order to win her over for keeps. Content warning : A character somewhere in the cast has a miscarriage.

Liam, socially isolated college newspaper nerd, is rescued from an attack on campus by a mysterious vigilante known as The Raven. Cute gay jock Quinn finds Liam on the sidewalk and takes him to the hospital, after which Liam ends up investigating the Raven while his friendship with Quinn deepens. His love for Liam is clearly because of who Liam is, not in spite of it.

The prose is sometimes a little stilted, and there are several deux ex machina events that strained my credulity the coffee spills, getting stuck under the dorm room bedbut the characters in this are so good that I forgave it. Drew and Kit have such a tough time, in large part because Drew just keeps screwing things up, but I cheered so hard for him to make things right. Which he does, in a truly epic gaming fashion.

Indian-American behavioral scientist Nicole Hathaway wrote a book that was supposed to be an academic work on her research into biological markers for successful romantic relationships. It accidentally became a bestseller, and her Looking for a nerdy romance demands she go on an international publicity tour, which is the very definition of hell for introverted Nicole.

Instant all-time favorite. Agent Arthur Drams, an office-based analyst, needs to socialize in order to advance in his career. Because reasons, he ends up focused on the only analyst more socially un-engaged than he is: Agent Martin Grove, who literally does not speak to anyone else. Arthur coaxes Martin out of his shell by talking about obscure books and semi-surreptitiously feeding him home-cooked meals.

Martin responds by kinda messing with Arthur the library thing, hahaha! The story took me by surprise, though. Just when I thought everything was settling down nicely, something very bad happens! And voics are left, which are so painful, I literally teared up. I love how Arthur was able to meet Martin exactly where he was, and how Martin jumped in to support Arthur when he really needed it.

Gorgeous book. The follow-up short story, available separately, is also perfect. Diversity note : Soto is Mexican-American. She has dysgraphia and phonological dyslexia. It turns out that both are fans of a show called Captain Werewolf, so a large part of their initial flirting is exchanging links to good fanfic and Danielle creating fan art for Clara. Danielle is described as zaftig, and in one scene she confidently refuses to interact with a scale.

But who can resist Marvel Cinematic Universe related banter? Or a blond, bearded dude in a Captain America t-shirt? Not these two. Lovely little novella with SO much packed into it — sparks, real affection, serious and believable pain when it looks like all is lost, and a perfect HEA. This is the romance novel equivalent of a blanket straight out of the dryer on a cold night.

Corporate dude Ben Tucker is supposed to be recruiting materials scientist Kit Averin. Instead, he falls for her. The conflict is agonizing because they are amazing together, not the least of which because Kit, the adult child of an addict who grew up poor, has just purchased a historical fixer-upper for her first home, while Ben is technically on leave from his job to help out at the family business which salvages and sells restoration building materials how perfect is that?

Loved it, wrote Kate Clayborn a fan. Like, at all. Each character is so distinct, with specific senses of humor, relationships to their pasts, and ways of expressing and processing their emotions. Judah is wonderful and hilarious. I rarely see this much respectful queer content in a non-queer romance.

Takeover begins in a hotel bar where Michael, an out gay software engineer, picks up Sam, a closeted gay management consultant.

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Do they take the consequences gracefully? His high-school lover, Todd gayis surprise! Todd wants to reconnect, but first they have to deal with a TON of misconceptions and misunderstandings that broke them up in the first place. But eventually Todd gets a clue and asks for help so they can straighten it out.

Yay happy endings. What I super-adore about the first three books in the series is the presence of gentle, understanding supervisors and mentors. Sam and Michael are given consequences for their inappropriate relationship by folks in the acquiring company, but they are appropriate, not punitive. Sam extends that same type Looking for a nerdy romance grace and humanity to Eli and Justin in the second book, and Sam and Eli do the same for Fazil in the third book.

I am horribly jealous of what Kate Canterbary does with words. Our heroine is Erin Walsh, volcanologist, Iceland and Oxford based climate change scientist, and lover of historical anecdotes. Our hero is Nick Acevedo, Mexican-American pediatric neurosurgeon. Unfortunately for Nick, who really wants to make a go of things, Erin is skittish. She grew up in a violently abusive home and has a history of cutting, suicide attempts, and alcohol abuse. I was so gratified by how Nick finally realized that while he fell for Erin at the wedding, their communications while separated is how he came to really love her.

I was also proud of Erin for not letting Nick rush her into taking the next step, then finally taking that next step when she was ready, with Nick in her corner. This cover cracks me up, though, because one of the things Erin likes about Nick is his chest hair. This book is a breath of fresh air.

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There is so much to enjoy in this book. Ruth is a fabulous prickly heroine. Evan was so refreshing because even though he has a fairly typical alpha male backstory — ex-military, physical job — his dominant character trait is kindness.

Neither character is perfect, but they keep trying. The story is so sex-positive and body-positive, so respectful, and handles consent beautifully. Really looking forward to the next book in this series! Painful but ultimately sweet story about Noah, a closeted geoarchaeology professor who teaches at an extremely conservative Christian Texas college, falling in love with Adrian, a vibrant and very out video game developer. I love how open Adrian is, and especially how delighted he is while discovering all these little specific things about Noah.

The phone call with his sister late in the book, where they discuss his sexual orientation, just about brought tears to my eyes.

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Because I grew up in conservative Texas Christianity, this book will always have a special place in my heart. Now the three new besties are making a pact to spend the next six months investing in themselves. No men, no dating, and no worrying about their relationship status. Which is the exact moment she meets the deliciously sexy, honey-eyed Daniel Collins at work. What are the chances?

Looking for a nerdy romance is Daniel really boyfriend material or is he maybe just a little too good to be true? When he finds out Ledi is alive, he he to America to get her back… and does a terrible job of it. Seriously, this dude is great at prince-ing but not so great at anything else. Thanks Ms. Briddey has a good job at a mobile phone company, a colorful Irish-American family who has no concept of boundaries, and a new boyfriend, all-American Trent, who she hopes will insulate her from them if the relationship goes well.

So when Trent asks Briddey to have a sought-after surgery to help them communicate their emotions directly, she agrees… and encounters strenuous objections from C. I also loved seeing C. The quiet moments between him and Briddey are so lovely and warm, and I was so relieved that she got her priorities straight and realized the value of what he was offering. If you have any reading suggestions, let me know, and as always, if you found this post helpful, please share it! Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate links. Any questions, corrections, recommendations?

Let me know via my contact form.

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Diversity note : Hall is a gay man. Diversity note : Kallmaker is a lesbian. Diversity note : Glassman is a bisexual Jewish woman. Content warning : Discussion of a past abusive relationship and sexual assault.

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Diversity note : Hibbert is a pan, autistic black woman. Diversity note : Albert is bi. Diversity note : Cole is a Black woman. From my post on fantasy romancesHighland Dragon Warrior by Isabel Cooper has a female alchemist main character. From my post on funny romancesBeauty and the Bookworm by Nick ant has a nerdy male librarian main character.

Looking for a nerdy romance

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