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Several of the listed southwestern Tribes trace their ancestry to the Bears Ears region. Their ancestors, who populated the region since time immemorial, built ro, shrines, pit houses, pueblos, great houses, kivas, and cliff dwellings — the remains of which still grace the landscape today.

Bountiful rock paintings and petroglyphs also decorate cliffs and boulders throughout the region. The vast majority of the more thanarchaeological and cultural sites in the area have been dated by western archaeologists to at least years old with some dated as far back as 12, B. Protection of all these sacred sites is critically important to Native American people.

Ongoing looting, grave robbing, vandalism, and destruction of cultural sites are acts that literally rob Native American people of spiritual connections, as well as a sense of place and history. Many Native Americans visit the area on a regular basis for ceremonies and to connect with their ancestors. Tribal people depend on the Bears Ears region as both their medicine cabinet and their pantry — for food, shelter, and healing, as well as for their spiritual sustenance. It is a place of learning, where Indigenous peoples from many Tribes can go and teach younger generations about their connections to Bears Ears, about their ancestors whose spirits still reside there, and about their roles as stewards of the land.

On December 28,President Barack Obama proclaimed the new 1. The deated monument protected one of the most ificant cultural landscapes in the United States, with thousands of sacred cultural sites and important areas of spiritual ificance. While historians, conservationists, scientists, archaeologists, and others have sponsored many requests for protection under the Antiquities Act, Tribes had never before petitioned for a presidentially-declared national monument. As a result, the differences between earlier monuments and Bears Ears are many and deep.

The government was acting as a trustee for these five Tribes. The Tribes are sovereign governments, with deep roots in the communities surrounding the monument. The Coalition recently launched a national ad campaign calling on President Biden to honor his promise by restoring and expanding the original monument immediately.

Photo: Tim Peterson. Concurrent to the litigation challenging the illegal modification of boundaries and in recognition of the fact that there are ever-growing needs for land management and conservation amidst increasing visitation to the Bears Ears landscape, the Coalition has initiated work to develop a comprehensive land management plan for the 1. The Coalition reiterated its request that the agencies comply with the government-to-government relationship, by engaging with the Tribes individually and allowing them the opportunity for input and collaboration as encouraged in both the Obama and Trump proclamations.

The Coalition maintains that lands, natural resources, and scientific and cultural resources encompassing 1. The Coalition requests the principles of the federal trust relationship be upheld by protecting the original intent of the monument declaration and requiring the lead agencies to meaningfully engage the Tribes in the management of the BENM. The most profound aspect of Bears Ears is the Native presence that is interwoven into every cliff and corner. Wondrous though the natural formations are, these cultural elements combine with the land and contribute to its ificance.

This spirit is the beating heart of Bears Ears. The region is home to more thansacred sites and is of paramount cultural and spiritual importance to multiple Indigenous communities today. Do your part and practice respectful visitation by following and sharing the tips below:. First, the low point. On January 6 — as insurrectionists were storming the US Capitol and just two weeks before President Trump would leave office — the first and ideally only ever lease sale for the Arctic Refuge Coastal Plain was held, during which rights to a majority of the 1.

In the two weeks that followed, the Trump administration finalized these leases, and while Free fuck chat Grand Canyon National Park nd believe they are legally questionable, they are now in the hands of development interests. No major oil companies even came to play. As for the other two leases granted, one leasee, Knik Arm Services, is an Alaska based corporation with zero oil and gas experience.

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The other leasee is a subsidiary of 88 Energy, an Australian firm, who purchased just one small tract on the edge of the Arctic Refuge boundary. They too likely lack the resources to see development through in the years to come. Putting public pressure on these small companies and holding them able will be an important goal in the months ahead. This only strengthens the case to undo the Tax Act mistake that authorizes an oil and gas program. It is clear this administration believes in science, the intersection of environmental and social justice, and in protecting public lands and waters for their intrinsic value.

Similarly, the th Congress is expected to be more conservation-friendly than past sessions. Public lands champions are wasting no time introducing and re-introducing legislation to add protections to wild places in order to mitigate the impacts of climate change, protect sacred land, and preserve opportunities for outdoor recreation for all Americans.

With less than two years before midterm elections, the clock is ticking to pass public lands legislation. The political winds have shifted in Washington D. With that in mind we identified three conservation campaigns as top priorities for The Conservation Alliance.

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For the next two years we will be adding additional support to the campaign to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaskathe campaign to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, and the effort to restore protections for the Bears Ears region in Utah. These are precedence-setting campaigns. Protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Boundary Waters and Bears Ears means putting Indigenous rights over fossil fuel development, recreation and wildlife habitat over extraction, and intrinsic value over short-term gain.

Thousands of bird species migrate through this biodiverse landscape where ancient muskoxen roam, polar bears den, and hundreds of thousands of Porcupine caribou return to calve their young each year. The effort to protect the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge has been ongoing for decades, but the last four years have been especially tumultuous. Days later on his first day in office, President Biden issued an executive order placing a short term moratorium on oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The effort continues to permanently protect this landscape once and for all.

Its waters and forests are critical habitat for threatened species like the Canada lynx and its beauty supports local economies built on sustainable outdoor recreation. The Boundary Waters is the largest wilderness area east of the Rockies and north of the Everglades comprising 1. In the Wilderness Act was ed into law and the Boundary Waters was set aside as a protected area. The Twin Metals mining company acquired two federal leases innever started production and submitted an additional renewal application in This type of mining is uniquely threatening because the ore contains metals like copper and nickel that are bound together by sulfide.

When exposed to air and water the ore discharges sulfuric acid, heavy metals, and sulfates into ground and surface waters. Under the Obama administration the US Forest Service began a two year study meant to determine if mining should be allowed in the area. Twenty months into the 24 month review the study was cancelled.

Shortly after, the Trump administration reversed the decision and granted Twin Metals a renewal of its mining leases. The time is now for the agencies to finish their science-based environmental assessment of the region to prove a mining ban in the region is warranted, and for Congress to pass legislation to permanently protect the greater Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The Bears Ears region constitutes 1. More than thirteen tribes trace their lineage to this area, which is home to more thanarchaeological and cultural sites dating Free fuck chat Grand Canyon National Park nd 10, years. The region is also home to unmatched recreation opportunities.

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Climbers from around the world visit Indian Creek, paddlers take multi-day trips down the San Juan River, and Grand Gulch and White Canyon are bucket list trips for backpacking and canyoneering. Inas legislation to protect swaths of southeastern Utah stalled, we called on President Obama to exert executive action to protect the many antiquities found in southeastern Utah. We are calling on the Biden administration to immediately prioritize restoring protections for the Bears Ears landscape with guidance from the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition and in consideration of their original 1.

It is time for the Bears Ears region to be permanently protected. We conducted a poll that suggests Why the apathy? There are many resources to help you become educated on issues and candidates. As far as disliking politics? We might not be able to help you with that one. Have you ever considered running for office? Keep reading to learn more about why voting matters, and what you can do to get ready for November.

Free and fair elections are the foundation of democracy. In theory, a voting public ensures government authority derives from the will of the people. As constituents, the officials we elect represent our Free fuck chat Grand Canyon National Park nd, our voices, and our opinions. The United States Constitution mandates — through amendments, the original version only allowed white males over the age of 21 to cast a ballot — all citizens of the United States over the age of 18 are not to be denied the right to vote regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

However, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and U. The first state-by-state difference is the voter registration process. In each state except North Dakota, citizens must register to vote, but how they do that varies. Check your status here. HOW will you vote? Voting booth. Mail-in ballot. Early voting. All across America, people will be voting in different ways this fall. The way in which Americans cast their ballots has evolved over timeand also varies by state. Originally created to allow white soldiers to vote during the Civil War then broadened to allow overseas Americans the ability to vote during WWII, the absentee voting program has expanded ificantly, decreasing barriers to voting and increasing voter turnout.

In every state though, voters must request an absentee ballot. Alternatively, some states offer mail-in-voting — also referred to as all-mail voting, advance ballot, ballots by mail, by-mail ballot — where registered voters automatically receive a mail ballot to their address before Election Day. Prefer to head to a polling place and fill in the bubbles in person?

Thirty-seven states have early voting allowing you physically cast a ballot as many as 45 days ahead of November 3. There exists a myriad of ways to exercise this important right and many states are making it easier this year.

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Eager to help encourage your community to cast a ballot this fall? As part of our commitment to protecting wild places, we are pleased to offer our Get Out the Vote social media toolkit. Great news! Co-sponsored by 59 senators from both sides of the aisle, this bill is a of consensus and bipartisanship in a particularly divided nation. There are two things that your representative needs to hear from you in order for this bill to succeed:. The LWCF also provides critical funding to Conservation Alliance grantees working on important, and often expensive, private land acquisitions.

The Conservation Alliance began advocating for the permanent reauthorization and full-funding of LWCF almost a decade ago through calls-to-actionop-eds, -on lettersand trips to Washington, DC. Not only does the Great American Outdoors Act represent a critical opportunity to ensure the future of the LWCF, it also addresses years of deferred maintenance for National Parks and other public lands. This urgent push to pass the GAOA takes place in a changing world.

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement are undeniably massive forces shaping current affairs. As the economy experiences a recession due in part to pandemic-related business closures and millions of job losses, the GAOA would create immediate employment opportunities and stimulate hard-hit areas.

Investing in the outdoors is also an investment in public health. Time spent outdoors promotes general health, and increased physical activity relieves stress and fosters well-being. This ensures an important source of funding for close-to-home recreational spaces through investments in urban parks and trails.

This long-overdue legislation arrived at a critical juncture for our divided country, and it truly demonstrates the power of public lands to serve as a unifying force that brings Americans together. Attendance at the GAOA vote is critical to passing this important legislation. Can you take action for this historic legislation today? Passing the Great American Outdoors Act is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We hope to celebrate the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act soon with the many organizations that for decades have been working tirelessly to ensure access to well stewarded public lands is available to all Americans.

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Free fuck chat Grand Canyon National Park nd

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