Bored missing Des Moines Iowa need friend

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On Sunday morning, August 12,year-old Eugene Martin left his home at approximately 5 a. He wore blue jeans, a red shirt and a gray pullover. Eugene normally delivered the papers with his older stepbrother, but on this day went alone. The Iowa State Fair was in town, and Eugene — who in his free time enjoyed football, fishing, skating, video games and TV — wanted to make some extra money.

Witnesses said they saw Martin talking to a clean-cut white male in his 30s sometime between 5 and a. Between and a. When customers called to report not receiving their morning newspapers, the manager went out, found the bag and delivered the papers. Authorities said they were treating the Martin case as a kidnapping and had issued a nationwide bulletin for a man described as between 30 and 40 years old, 5 feet, 9 inches tall, clean shaven and with a medium build.

Hawkins said some useful information was being gleaned from witnesses. McDowell also said she does not think Eugene is still alive.

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After losing his youngest son, McDowell said her brother, Don Martin, became withdrawn and spent all his time trying to find out what happened to his boy. Still, day after day, he would read every paper and cut out clippings of anything that had to do with Gene. Despite the amount of pain he endured, McDowell believed her brother continued to hang on because of Gene.

He needed some type of closure so he could go, she said. It, too, eventually went by the wayside as weeks turned to months, and then years with no viable le. James Rowley, the retired Des Moines police detective who worked the Martin case until his retirement inalso recognized the similarities in the two cases but still has questions about how they are linked. Rowley told the Register he has heard all the theories, conspiracy and otherwise, but that none made sense.

Air Date: July 8, In his home garage hangs a poster of Eugene to remind him every day. No bone. No fragment. No evidence. Scott Raudabaugh said older cold cases are looked at on a yearly basis, and the department has a select group of officers who specifically look at very old cases. Eugene Wade Martin was born August 17, He has a scar on his right knee and has had a broken right wrist. Anyone with information about Eugene Martin is asked to call Det.

You may also call Det. Larry Penland at This story was an episode on The Swords and Scales Podcast. The story has always haunted my heart and head. Usually involving and operated by people with power, money and fetishes.

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While being protected by fellow members in all areas applying to life. So much that she hired a Private Investigator. The end of the podcast we learn that all of his mothers efforts finally paid off in a way she could never imagine. It was Eugene either going to see her or contacted her explaining that she had to stop looking for him.

So much that he told her to please stop so that he would remain safe in his now normal everyday life. I encourage everyone to listen and hear the pain in this moms voice telling her story. Where do you think these boys that pretend to love girls and promise to give them a better life come from? They are kidnapped- trained and purposely chosen for what ever role they will become and then eventually train others to do. Forensic exams, rape kits, intense therapy, orders of protection, court orders, DCFS involvement, a verbal statement made by my son to counselors, doctors, Dcfs, nurses and the detective who was ased our case.

Nobody listened except our therapist, who wanted to do anything she could to have this boy heard and protected- but had to be so careful as to how to have him heard, while having to jump hoops and hurdles to have the system work for him not against him. In the suburbs of Chicago. I keep journals. However has me fearing for his future because this is an organized, detailed, system of checks and balances.

Hopefully my truth will open doors for others truth. Or the more information we can collect we can unite and fight. I clearly remember when Gene disappeared. I was 15 at the Bored missing Des Moines Iowa need friend. From where his paper bundles were dropped, the city limits are approximately 1 mile straight south, and also about a mile and a quarter west on a state highway that ran straight to Interstate You could never miss those bright yellow bags playing on the ground anywhere. The biggest reason that there is more information about the investigation out in the public view about Johnny Gosch than Gene is because Noreen could not stay away from microphones, and often times said things on air that compromised the police investigation.

I also remember that neighborhood was literally crawling with police canvassing, checking, looking, etc… For at least a week.

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They were never denied access anywhere they wanted to look because us south siders were upset, and actually wanted to help. Those things were extensively checked. Detective Rowley followed every lead and idea that came his way. You can take that to the bank. I see names called out here that I remember hearing back then, so I can only assume they were thoroughly investigated as well. Yes, the Register had a few pedophiles working in the delivery department at the time, but I recall every single one of them was checked thoroughly, as well as the RM, the DM, and anyone else with the Register that might have had a slight passing knowledge.

Someone mentioned that when Gene disappeared, the fair was in town. This is incorrect.

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When Gene disappeared, Balloon Fest was happening in Indianola, and the fair was still over a week away August It was someone from the neighborhood headed for Indianola to watch the morning mass ascension who witnessed Gene speaking with the adult. I remember coming home every night absolutely exhausted from all the walking and climbing over fences and obstacles, but ready to go again the next morning because I wanted him back home with his family.

Are you saying the newspaper bag was found on Army Post Road? If someone was headed that way with Gene, they might have been returning to WDM, which makes sense if it was the same person who kidnapped Johnny Bored missing Des Moines Iowa need friend. That seems more likely than some random stranger from the balloon festival 15 miles away. It was never stated, but from where we began, and focused the searches, yes, it appeared the bag was found on Army Post.

Yes, there was a church out there. Airport Baptist Church, the lot still remains and can be seen on Google maps and the house I grew up in was right next door to the church. Mike K. I grew up just a few blocks from the abduction site and by the sound of it you and I are only 2 years apart in age. We may have met long ago. I also carried papers on SW15th St. The thing you need to remember is that south Des Moines and West Des Moines were very connectible then.

At 6 am on a Sunday it would be a fast route. My point. I think the Johnny and Eugene abductor was between or in those areas. I do not think it was a guy from North Des Moines trolling the southwest side. But at that time there was a lot of wooded or rural stretches on western Army Post Road. I was rereading all the comments posted here especially the one from Jodyin Also, some articles on recent arrests by the FBI of a individual from Indiana. He was running a non-profit organization for Orphansbin Ukraine. They searched him upon his return f rut pm Ukraine and found computer devices with child pornography on them.

He also sent a note to his son, that was intercepted, telling him to check above the ceiling of the laundry room, for another computer drive that had more images on them. The newest thing is Sexploiation. In which young kids are threatened to keep posting sexually explicit images or videos or else. One teenage male victim committed suicide. Another offenders threat forced police in Plainfield, Indiana to shut down schools and stores there.

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So, we need to protect children, by being aware of what they are doing online. Make sure your local schools are alert of this. The attendance was small, and I was the only man, with t hff e exception of the church pastor. I am a former detective with the federal government, and try to keep up with what is going on in law enforcement, forensics.

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One of my duties, was giving crime prevention talks at a VA Hospital. So, I am big on reading and researching. So be on alert and aware. Sam Soda actually told Noreen Gosch in June that another paperboy was going to turn up missing in the 2nd week of August This was relayed to local and federal authorities who did nothing at all. This info was verified by so many people and documented by the same. After Eugene went missing, it is clear that this was an organized kidnapping that was planned for months.

This is no conspiracy theory, just do the research for yourselves and make your own conclusion. I hope they find this poor boy and give some closure to his family. Hey everyone, after talking to my dad who lived about an hour away from the Des Moines area from around the same age as Eugene at the time of his disappearance I recently learned about a possible suspect: a well-known teacher that around the area named Mark Glascock. Overall an extremely creepy guy that my dad and the kids his age stayed away and was infamous for the pedophilic rumors that surrounded him.

Might want to take a look. It sort of goes along with comments that some people connected with the newspaper might have been pedophiles. However, law enforcement would either have the present owner of the property to offer them access to check the area. But, then they would need more information to obtain a search warrant. They would then need to bring in ground penetrating radar, or cadaver dogs, to see if they might him on an Bored missing Des Moines Iowa need friend. But, it still requires them to research this guys background. So, they may not want to make the effort based on him supposedly being creepy.

However, I would think that they could pass it off to a retired investigator to see what he can find. I just wanted to relay some info I found in the comments section of a Youtube video about Eugene Martin. He also had an abnormal slab of concrete poured in the basement.

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I have to say, All coincidence? Probably not. This woman sounds credible. Sounds like some excavating may be in order. Carol at ICC. My prayers to all the families. Let me say, I am not accusing anyone. Here goes…I hate to say it, but cases go cold because close evidence goes un checked. If you go back to the 1st anomaly, the boy allegedly did his route alone for the 1st time. Did he really leave the house? New incidents of family hurting family, even accidentally was too harsh to be considered by police or the community back then.

I am not throwing shade or saying I know the family or town. Just offering my opinion as a person who has seen the dark side of families through child welfare. The boy had a scar and a wrist break but no mention of his playing sports, red flag 2.

Bored missing Des Moines Iowa need friend

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