Black Hartford female wanted

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Jahana HayesD-5, a former National Teacher of the Year says health and educational disparities remain not only a challenge in her town district, but around the nation.

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State Sen. Marilyn Moore, of Bridgeport, never expected to run for elective office, but became only the third Black woman to win a state Senate seat in state history. For Toni Harp, the former mayor of New Haven and longtime state senator representing her city, it was a passion for public policy that first got her into government, followed by the realization that the higher the office, the more she could help her city. Susan Bysiewicz, about people got a rare look at the different paths to leadership and experiences there. For Brittney Yancy, a professor and Ph.

I think Connecticut certainly has made strides, and we certainly have a way to go. Chris Murphy, D-Conn. Jahana Hayes, D-5 : "You can't just expect for us to go out and knock the doors and till the soil and do the hard work to elevate other candidates, when we have something to say as well. Toni N. Harp, former state senator and New Haven mayor : " Ultimately, the fact that you are there makes a difference in which policy is implemented, and people are helped in communities.

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Marilyn Moore : "People don't seem to have the faith in Black women that they should. I do believe you have to stay focused. You can't be pulled off in different directions by what people say when you know you have a journey. Denise Nappierformer state treasurer : "What I really wanted to do was create my own community. Bloomfield Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown : "I wanted to lend my voice to black and brown young men who live in town Black Hartford female wanted felt like they were being unjustly targeted.

I wanted to make sure I was able to give another perspective, because most of the decisions are being made by white men, in our town. John Dempsey, who served from until From there she focused on being a public administrator. You know who taught me? The Black Panthers from Yale University. She said that with no money to run for Hartford city treasurer, where she served five terms, she depended on grassroots support.

After watching local lawmakers in action, she realized that to get what she wanted for her community, she had to get closer to elective power. Thus began a string of campaigns against incumbents. I had been a treasurer. She said that decades of working behind the scenes led to becoming an aide to the late Sen. Edwin Gomes, whose Bridgeport district was adjacent to hers. I knew the lay of the land and people seemed to believe I was the senator, not Ed. I thought I would conquer the world, but in a different realm.

In she was approached to run for the Bloomfield Town Council at a time when racial profiling was a major issue. Bloomfield has a town manager and council form of government. In-Depth Coverage.

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Once famous for comics, CT artist shows new abstract work. Home sales increase as prices remain out of reach for some buyers. Remington gives Sandy Hook families 18, 'random cartoons'.

Black Hartford female wanted

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CT is represented by only a handful of Black women. 'There's more work to do,' they say.