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What is your style philosophy? I like basic clothes that are easy to match. What is the biggest difference between the way Russian and American women dress? I think American style is more independent and relaxed. Russian women are more inclined to analyze how they look and what other people think about their appearance.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Mostly the Internet, just because I have no time for offline shopping, and there are also some buyers in Europe who provide me with all that rare brand stuff. What is your favorite book? Now I prefer psychological thrillers and self-development books. Louis Blues game? Well, it depends.

I like eclectic. What is your favorite St. Louis restaurant? I get this question quite often, you know? There are so many places with great cuisine and fantastic atmosphere! How do you describe your style? Chic but edgy, modern, and fun. I love to try out new patterns, textures, silhouettes, and prints while maintaining elegance and class. As a mom of two boys, I find ease in throwing on a great fedora hat and moto jacket.

What about clothes appeals to you? My style is an outward representation of who I am on the inside and how I want my personality to shine through. Did you ever consider a career in fashion, or did you become a fashionista later in life?

As teenagers, my best friend and I would pool our money so we could buy our favorite new pair of pants and then decide who would get to wear them first. Who are your favorite deers?

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I think that clothing from any deer or store can look fabulous as long as it fits well and goes with your own personal style. Shoes, on the other hand, are a totally different subject… I love rocking a good pair of deer shoes, like some amazing Valentino or Christian Louboutin heels. They instantly elevate any look. Where do you like to shop? I pride myself on being a very savvy shopper. I shop at places that carry an eclectic selection at various price points. Some of my favorites are T. Maxx, Marshalls, Dillards, Nordstrom. Why do you think so many St. Louisans responded to your entry online?

What is your fashion fantasy? To continue to explore my own style while also styling others and sharing my love of fashion. I would love to continue to help women go through their closets, find their personal styles, and help them feel beautiful. This is a tough one I have two: I love a good jumpsuit. It is easy and instantly pulls together an entire look without having to pair multiple articles of clothing. I was also born in Russia, so it pulls me to my roots. If you could own one piece of jewelry, what would it be? My wedding ring and band that represent my husband and two young boys, Bennett and Kai.

My family means the world to me. Can you provide shopping tips for our readers? Always look for clothes that fit your body and inspire your soul. Pair a fun accessory like a hat or necklace to give more style and attitude to your look. Contemporary classic… Beautiful lady want love Saint Louis are traditional things that I like, but I try to mix in contemporary styles. You find what you like, and you work them in. The John Varvatos store in Las Vegas. Nordstrom at The Galleria. They know me there.

Do you like to shop? Is that how they call it? At what point in your life did you discover the power of fashion? When I went into private practice. I started being more particular about my presence; it made a difference to clients and colleagues. What shoes do you wear when you want to be comfortable at work? Porsche De by Adidas, in black. What book are you currently reading? Generally, at night I have to schedule time to get a chapter in. Which fashion accessory for men do you think is most underappreciated? The pocket square; it adds personality, flavor.

What is your biggest fashion indulgence? Shoes, especially dressy shoes.

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I love shoes that are versatile and that you can wear dressed up with a suit and also casually. If you could have lunch with one fashion deer, who would that be? I feel like his suits are made as if just for me. What do your clothes say about you? You have just one opportunity to make a good first impression. The way you dress can clearly make you stand out. I think your appearance should matter. How do you define your style? I dress more casually than I used to. The way they were made, the cotton was beautiful.

How has your style changed throughout the years? I probably mix things more now: Dress shoes with jeans, a blazer with jeans. The reality is that my favorite store is Barney's in L. How important is fashion in your line of work? What item of clothing will you invest in this fall? Every fall I like to buy a lighter-weight sweater that I can wear under a jacket.

I like them form-fitting, warm but comfortable. What item of clothing have you always wanted but never purchased? What are your hobbies? Renovating homes is a main hobby. I like to ride motorcycles, modify them. What is the most talked-about topic in real estate right now? Classic and couture. I have creative to wear fun things to work.

When did you discover the power of fashion?

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I was in Minneapolis where I volunteered to live for the summer to interact and sell Jack Lenor Larsen and work with the architects and deers in the city. Do you choose to? Whose style inspires your own? If you could go back in time and place to experience the clothes and de of the era, where and when would that be?

I love the drama of the Deco era but I still have a suit my mother handmade inwith handmade buttonholes and such class! What quality do you most appreciate in fabrics and textiles? In other words, what is most important to you?

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Beautiful weaves and textures. The fit of couture clothing and how it makes one feel is the most important thing to me about fashion. How has your style changed over the years? Always a great pair of boots. A lot about how I dress depends on the situation and the environment, but I always love to challenge myself. What inspires your daily clothing choices? My job as a deer. I dress to make people feel trust in me.

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I dress to give confidence to people who are looking at me for inspiration. I want to make people feel comfortable. Yes or no on jewelry for men? Very interesting question. Jewelry can be hats, glasses, a mustache, your hairstyle, a bracelet, a ring Personally, I love Cartier—very classy and simple but very deep in its art and de. That kind of de is so special. You look at it and you never tire of it.

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If you could bring back one fashion trend, what would it be? People were elegant, classy, and I feel like they were living the life. The hats, the glasses, the umbrella, the suitcase, shiny shoes, and bowtie. I miss that. How do you dress for a special night out? It depends. I like to match the environment. Be yourself. My job is not to try to change people but [instead] to help them find who they are. Short hair, or long hair? That involves determining the personality, the profession, the body shape, and hair material. Hair de is like sculpture. Every human is their own unique sculpture.

Who, in your opinion, is the best-dressed guy in show business? John Travolta… When I was a teen, he was one of my role models. Who is your favorite deer, living or dead?

Beautiful lady want love Saint Louis

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